Malaysian e-Juice Article

Malaysian Ejuice

Working very closely, with the top manufacturers in an exclusive channel partnership, direct from Malaysia, we are able to offer exclusive flavours, hand crafted by the finest flavourists in the world.

Our hand selected concentrates bring you the ultimate Malaysian sensory experience, ensuring immense pleasure and vast enjoyment.

Why choose Is it because, quite simply put, they are ahead of the competition? Perhaps because they represent flavours which are Malaysian by birth and heritage? Or maybe even that they have no equal as a sensory experience

It is a combination of those factors plus love, craftsmanship and dedication to the pursuit of excellence – this is why have no equals when it comes to producing natures finest concentrates.

Our pledge to you is simple; try them, love them, buy them – our satisfaction guarantee is focused on customer satisfaction, customer retention with end user sensory overload at the helm.

With Malaysia in our hearts, Malaysian finest concentrates in our bottles and the consumer at therefore we have the perfect product for all potential customers.

We can offer, exclusive to the following flavours from the following manufacturers, hand picked, selected from the top manufacturers who lead the field in concentrate.

flavour development:

  1. Supreme Berry
  2. Berry Dough
  3. Nutty Tiramisu
  4. FWD101
  5. Purple Dream (Grape)
  6. Royal Dream (Mango)
  7. Scarlett Dream (Strawberry)
  8. Ice Dream (High Mint)
  9. Avocado Dream (Avocado)
  10. Fragaria
  11. Caramelo
  12. Vanilla
  13. Banana Crunch
  14. Banana Chocolate Cake
  15. Butterpop
  16. Honey Toast
  17. 17.Fruit Cake
  18. Blueberry Vanilla
  19. Melon Cream
  20. Mango Mania
  21. Latte
  22. Mocha Coffee
  23. Squid Mango
  24. Squid Strawberry
  25. 25.Squid Choc Mint
  26. Dooze Kyoho
  27. Dooze Grape
  28. Dooze Orange
  29. Dooze Cola
  30. Dooze Sprite
  31. Dooze Double Apple
  32. Dooze Vintage (White Wine)